Vendor finance

The vendor finance department of Rosbank Leasing represents Societe Generale Equipment Finance, being the equipment and vendor finance business line of Societe Generale. Our aim is to design and implement sales finance programs for Manufacturers and their distribution channels. Our value proposition is to ease the sales cycle, enhance it in terms of revenue and strengthen the relation between the manufacturer and its final customer.
We benefit from Rosbank strong presence in Russia but also from Societe Generale activities across the globe and especially from vendor finance operations in 25 countries.
In Russia, we provide finance to businesses of all sizes and our expertise is broad in terms of equipment types, ranging from information technology to construction equipment, from printing presses to medical equipment and from agricultural equipment to handling equipment, such as heavy mobile cranes or industrial forklift trucks.
Our team is specialized in related sectors and can understand the vendors and customer’s needs in depth to respond in a flexible manner.

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