About the Company

RB Leasing LLC is a subsidiary of OJSC JSCB ROSBANK (Société Générale Group), conducting its activities since 2003. Using the potential which was gained during the previous years, proceeding from the tendencies of development of leasing in Russia, the Company aspires to become the balanced multiproduct all-in-one enterprise with global reach.

In 2011, in connection with consolidation of Société Générale Group business in Russia, , three leasing companies were consolidated into RB LEASING LLC:

  • RB LEASING LLC: established in 2003; core areas – power engineering, rolling stock, cargo transportation
  • BSGV Leasing OJSC: established in 2003; core areas – cargo transportation, construction and special machinery, motor transport operations
  • SG Finance OJSC: established in 2006; core area – vendor financing (construction and special-purpose machinery, printing equipment, IT equipment).

Now, the branch network of JSCB ROSBANK including more than 600 offices all over Russia is used for active regional expansion. The Company portfolio amounts to more than USD 200 million.

RB Leasing Focus in terms of credit portfolio stands in transactions with large branch enterprises of metallurgy and metal working production, construction, power engineering and power mechanical engineering, railway transportation, telecommunications, transport and communication, retail trade as well as cooperation with small- and medium-size business enterprises.

Advantages of RB LEASING:

  • Strong background in the whole leasing market;
  • Flexible terms of financing;
  • Wide range of properties eligible to leasing;
  • competitive price, attractive payments terms;
  • Expertise in specific areas such as power engineering sector, railway sector, construction sector, etc.

The Company's operational focus is to ensure efficient implementation and management of leasing transactions, continuous monitoring of law-enforcement practices, analysis of regulatory changes and continuous improvement of the operating model in rendering leasing services. It gives our Company the chance to offer to our clients not only services in acquisition and transfer on lease of different types of equipment, but also to provide professional advices in the selection of optimum financing schemes aimed at acquiring (i.e. for modernization, reconstruction) new fixed assets facilities.

The company's activities were noted by a number of awards, including:

  • Financial Olympus 2005 award – "For developing leasing technologies for large engineering structures and industrial facilities in the power sector having a long-lived investment period";
  • Financial Olympus 2006 award – "The most dynamically developing leasing company of the year";
  • Gold Phoenix 2011 award – "For elaboration and implementation of a model strategy of development of a modern leasing company".

Core Lines of Activities of RB LEASING LLC:

  • railway transport;
  • power sector equipment;
  • cargo, passenger transportation means, cars;
  • construction and road construction machinery and equipment;
  • weight-handling machinery;
  • trade and printing equipment;
  • special-purpose, agricultural and farm production machinery;
  • IT & telecommunication equipment;
  • other types of equipment.